Hnoud Production

       Hnoud Production is specialised in the creation
       of new and daring concepts to the world of events.

       Our team members are qualified and experienced and
       are up to date with the new technologies.

      We manage our projects from A to Z, before it, within it , and after too.
       Hnoud Production managed as of now many competitive events as :
      - Tiro competition
      - Drift show & speed test
      - Freedom Marathon
      - DJs competition
      - Need For Speed (Best exotic and sport cars in Lebanon)

Moreover, we produce programs diffused on many TV channels as:
- Star El Maten
- Star World Lebanon
- Miss Summer Lebanon
- Mister Summer Lebanon
- Kids Star Lebanon
- Miss & Mister Kids Lebanon
and soon Miss & Mister El Maten (Organised and produced by Hnoud Production) and these programs made big stars on art world.

We organise trips in and out of Lebanon, and the point of that is meeting other civilizations as
Outside of Lebanon : Syria / Jordan / Turkey / Cyprus / Greece / Bulgary / Egypt / Portugal / ...
In Lebanon : All of Touristic locations, discovered or not...

We also have a team specialized in kids entertainement "Live your dreams" (Birthdays, Kermess, Inflattable Games, DJs, Dancers (Yoga, Zumba, Gymnastic, Aerobics, Radical fitness, Break dance,Hip Hop...), Competition Games, Water games, Parades, Hot Air Balloon, Soumo, Characters, Shows, Workshop(Cooking, Handcraft, Paint, Face painting, ...), Animals show(Snake, Monkey, Goat, Dog), Magician show, Rollers show, Bike show, Music show(Guitar, Band,...), Fire show, Catering, Return Gifts, Sound And Light show, Decoration depending on the theme, ...)

Joe Hnoud